The white feather educational & historical project

"When acquiring knowledge essential to personal growth, tasks that were once heavy can become as light as feathers."

When one looks at a feather, we can see a pointed end which became dislodged for some reason, as if it was plucked to become visible.  It is our hope that those who attend our workshops will be able to pluck information that can be used in order to enhance their lives.  

The White Feather Educational & Historical Project is a series of workshops and activities hosted by Trinity Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Virginia -- made possible by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation's Heal Charlottesville Fund. The project aims to enhance the perspectives of people of color by openly discussing our history and its racist implications. We will discuss privilege, power, and control - topics related to discrimination, including the impact of desegregation.

We will seek to enlighten those who are unaware of past historical oppressions that contribute to our city’s present situation. Our goal is to create an environment that affords people of color a space to discuss the sources of subjugation, oppression, and racism without repercussions, judgements, or misinterpretations.

The White Feather Project aims to:

  1. promote/enhance awareness among those who attend pertaining to the strengths and needs of people of color as they describe themselves,

  2. refine the definition of African American Community (as described by African Americans),

  3. allow participants to engage thoughtfully in discussions to negate the intentional need to homogenize others’ speech, perspectives or ideals, and

  4. move toward becoming self-aware and transitioning as it relates to avoiding difficult conversations beyond the hierarchy of “might” means “right”.

Another goal is to promote healing among those who choose to participate in our events. Before concluding each event, time will be allotted to discuss historical trauma. Historical truth has rarely been told. When we discuss ‘why,’ we will gain some perspective of ‘what’ can cause anger, disappointment, and resentment within communities. Once historic injustices are revealed, understanding, compassion and love can prevail.

Understanding our history enlightens our future. Peaceful coexistence is always our best alternative. The relationships that will be established through this grant can continue far into the future, and can assist other community projects in meeting their goals.